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This page is a work in progress please email me with any links you think should be included

  • QP/M was a CP/M 2.2 Clone with loads of extra features - I think someone ported it for the  Einey once but all the info is there for a DIY job. Amazingly Microcode Consulting lives on and they very kindly retain their Z80 Legacy page - Lots of goodies here.                                                             
  • Herb Johnsons Site - lots of DR & CP/M info here & still regularly updated.                                  
  • Thomas Scherrers Z80 Site Huge site for all thinks Z800, docs,electronics,compilers,assemblers etc. Still maintained and updated.                                                                                                
  • Commercial CP/M Archive Great site fpr commercial software especially programming languages also has the Mitek Z80 Relocating Development Suite (assembler,linker,cross ref,debug etc) and The Walnut Creek CDROM (as 4 RAR files)  in its entirety. There is a link to the OAK CP/M repository but this is via the Way Back Machine and the files are mostly just html markers. The majority of the OAK repository is duplicated in the Walnut Creek CDROM although it is spread out in different folders. This site is regularly updated and maintained.