May 20 13 10:44 AM

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Remember flowcharts? 
I still find them incredibly useful for breaking down programming steps in machine code and high level languages. I particularly use them for OS development work. 

If you have ever used flowcharting you might remember that you could even buy a plastic stencil with the symbols ! If you haven't tried flowcharting yet then I really recommend it especially if you are contemplating an ambitious software project. There are many ways to code things and flowcharting will help you sort out your ideas and let you try out different solutions and produce efficient code.

There is modern windows based flowcharting software such as yED (it's free!) but I still prefer to do it by hand - somehow you can't beat hard copy and storing your projects in a real folder :-) 

So here's a treat - the attached pdf file is the original IBM primer form 1969 - with all of the symbol definitions and importantly a template for making your own stencil and one for the worksheets.
(I have WinRar'd it because there is a 5mb individual file upload limit at the moment) 
I hope you find it useful and enjoy using it!         

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