May 21 13 3:29 PM

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Create your posting text and then insert an image like this ...

To insert an image you have to upload it somewhere first on the internet - I use PhotoBucket
Once you have uploaded your image edit it if necessary (cropping off unnecessary parts is always a good idea) and then get a direct download link from the site. Photobucket creates this link automatically for you when you select sharing. Copy the link to the clipboard and then return to the posting. Click on the posting roughly where you want the image to go (where the text cursor flashes). Click on the posting menu on Insert Image - a URL box appears. Paste the link into the box and click on the green bar that says insert image and there you go the image will appear in the posting. JPEG is usually the best format to use because it is quite compressed and doesn't use up too much space.
You can also just copy an image link from the net eg. from Google Images