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Jun 6 13 3:48 AM

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I have developed a python front-end for the EinTrans client.

This was necessary because the existing windows clients don't work for me for some unfathomable reason.

There are some further details in the readme.

*Send a file to the einy floppy in drive 0.
*Rip a raw image of the disk in drive 0.
*Extract files from a raw disk image.


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Jun 9 13 4:39 PM

That's fantastic Charlie!

I wonder what was the root of your problems with WinEintrans?
I had a few problems with this in the past - I'm currently running a usb to serial host adapter on Windows 8 and it works a treat. Previously it ran fine on XP too. The first usb serial adapter I bought just wouldn't work but Im certain it was faulty - the second  was fine.  Two things | had to do  - firstly make sure the einstein din plug was correctly aligned I think you can put it 3 ways but only one woks and secondly I found that Eintrans is not keen on any com ports numbers above 2 so I reassigned the USB one (which was com 8) to COM 1 - it then worked fine.

Also by reassigning one of the bios calls in XTAL2.05 (can't get the IOBYTE to do this correctly) I can remotely drive the Einstein via the serial port and hyper terminal using the wireless pc keyboard - great when you can't be bothered to sit in front of the machine all the time. I can post this autopatcher  utility I wrote if you are interested. Unfortunately I have lost the hyper terminal profile I had set up to accompany it (and I haven't reinstalled HT on windows 8 yet)  but it should be easy to figure out by playing with it.

What do we need to install to run Python under windoze please?


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Jun 16 13 4:35 AM

Hi Charlle,

That's great news about the interface!

I think this is slightly more efficient as there are less conditional tests - not that it matters
here :-) - what assembler are you using ?

.module fnMessageToHostW
ld hl,message
ld a, (hl)
or a
ret z

;// fall through for output

call waitByteTaken
jp c,reportTimeout
out (WRITE),a
ld e,a
push hl
pop hl

inc hl
jr _test


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Jun 18 13 6:36 AM


I've used an assembler called TASM for a while now. It's not free though, and it didn't satisfy me 100% because it lacked features like binary inclusions and relocation sections. So I can't justify buying it and I can't continue using it morally.

BRASS is compatible with TASM at the source level, is free and open source. I rate it highly.

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Jun 20 13 3:05 PM


Yea I use TASM32 myself its pretty robust - I saw the syntax was almost identical except for the sensible .endmodule which it doesn't have. I haven't tried BRASS but now I will. I also use tniASM which is very good.- at least it does PHASE - a true relocating win based Z80 macro assembler is what I'd like. I'm not sure if BRASS does relocation.

:-) Albert

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Jun 21 13 4:29 AM

It does. The SD card loader is compiled to run in high memory and there's a small stub which copies the bulk of the program when it runs.

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