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Jun 10 13 10:30 AM

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Hello everyone, i post a question.. i with friend started at build an internet site in Italian language for many computer, at moment 4 like ti99, svi328, memotech mtx and tatung einstein. Now i am a novice in tatung world.. and i need know the indispensable software that one people must have for start at use real or emulated computer. where i found the correct link for this software. Hardware i no asked because i no have real tatung, then i need use emulator. There are many type of emulator? MESS is supported? Thanks for all help that can give me.. i hope write in my site also little article in english language, but my english is orrible.. :-p 
Forget! But book for tatung are present in internet? i found only a very little pdf guide for mount and light on  the machine.. 
Bye Ermanno

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Jun 11 13 10:08 AM

I Hi,

There is a build of Mess I set up  for the Einstein along with the 80col emulation and DSK images.
You can find it in the files section of the Tatung Einstein Computer Group or at least a link!
I will try to post it here too iff you give me a bit of time.
I hope this helps!


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