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Jun 13 13 3:47 AM

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Today I wrote data from the Einy to the PIC controller.

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Jun 20 13 2:59 PM

Wow that's fast Charlie!


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Jul 10 13 2:15 AM

I've been working on speed and stability issues.

I'm pleased to announce that I have a rock-solid protocol in place now, which is at least 7 times faster than the initial version. Much time spent with a logic analyser and a verilog reference have paid off massively.

I can load highway encounter - a 40k program - in just over a second. Overall it takes longer to load the transient program from floppy than it does to transfer the code from SD card.

I have a new prototype board finished which is working nicely. This will be sent to a beta tester for some real-life work and I'll report on the results here later.

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Jul 13 13 3:00 PM

I have altered Tony's silicon disk ROM to work with einSDein. I can now mount disk images from SD card as a virtual floppy. 

subdirectory support has been added to the root-fs.

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